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Language courses for English and German as a foreign language

Many businesses nowadays operate in an international arena. Business English has become an essential skill in today’s business world, as it forms the basis for all communication with partners abroad. In order to ensure convincing, unambiguous communication with international clients and business partners, foreign language skills need to be on a correspondingly high level. A good English course has the aim of enabling you to communicate confidently in the English language.

With our language training, you will improve your Business English efficiently and pragmatically. We specialise in English and German and can therefore also provide staff from other countries with German language training for their time in Germany.

English courses with practical orientation

Our professional language trainers customize the course content and style to your needs and goals. We actively seek to understand and learn about your organisation in order to apply that knowledge in the courses and make the content as relevant as possible for the course participants. This practical orientation increases the participants’ ability to communicate effectively in their work environment.

Our language expertise

All of our trainers are native speakers. Most of them also have a sound business background which allows them to communicate with the participants on a business level and thus avoid the all-too-common “school teacher” approach. Our trainers focus on speaking skills because it is the opportunity to speak the language which is often missing in their everyday working environment. Grammar, vocabulary-building and the use of authentic materials can all enrichen the course as the client requires.

Registering for your language course

We aim to make our language courses enjoyable. When course participants are in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere, they are more open to learning and to new ideas and information. Would you like us to send you an offer? Let us meet to talk about your goals and plan a course with the content, times and duration which meet your specific needs.

Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!