kaledonia supports the library in Wenden

Very many children love reading – especially in their younger years. They adore having stories read to them and then later to read the stories for themselves. When kids can maintain their enthusiasm for reading, their ability to assimilate knowledge from the written word helps them to face challenges later in their education. Reading from a broad range of sources improves writing skills, linguistic development and increases the ability to concentrate. A keen reader should therefore always have access to books. For this reason and with immediate effect, the Braunschweig language school kaledonia is supporting the public library Wenden, which makes this possible. kaledonia therefore counts among the official sponsors of the volunteer-run library and makes annual donations in order to safeguard the existence of the small library and to continue to provide the people in Wenden with free access to books.

The volunteer-run library in Wenden

Since 2002, the library has existed in Wenden, a district in the north of Braunschweig. Around 17,000 media are offered here and made accessible to everyone. The books and audio books can be borrowed free-of-charge and this service is actively used by approx. 3,500 registered readers. Schoolchildren are not only provided with reading material in the library but can also participate in a large number of events relating to books. Each child has the possibility of indulging his enthusiasm for reading and thereby additionally receives support in his linguistic development.

Every year, numerous voluntary events take place for both children and adults. Diverse entertainment possibilities, such as exciting picture-book cinema, fairy tale hours, interesting readings or informative presentations, are included in the selection offered by the Wenden library and are accepted with enthusiasm by a large number of people.

The Wenden library supports not only children and their development but also people who are unable to visit the library personally for health reasons. They are offered the possibility of having books brought directly to their home. This project is called “Book Taxi” and makes it possible for absolutely everyone to be given the chance to read. The Book Taxi is provided through the help of volunteer “book patrons” who deliver the desired books directly to the affected people’s homes.

In order to maintain the Wenden library, support is needed. The employees and event organizers work on a voluntary basis and are responsible for ensuring that the library can remain in existence and provide such superb offers. In addition, the continuous updating and expansion of the media collection must be made possible. This is realised solely through donations. Subsidies from the City of Braunschweig also contribute towards the preservation of the library in Wenden. The sponsors include private individuals and companies such as kaledonia kommunikation, which will be providing support with immediate effect.