kaledonia turns 15


On August 1st, kaledonia kommunikation celebrated its 15th birthday. Although we prefer to look ahead to continue anticipating the needs of our customers, we want to take a moment to look back at how we got here.

Back in the day as David Old (not yet Brand) cycled in any and every weather to his customers to give English courses, the values which we live by today were born.

It was absolutely clear right from that time that these first customers had to be more than satisfied with kaledonia in order to secure the existence of the budding business. That means: punctuality, reliability, comprehensive support of the courses and their participants, entertaining language courses with interesting and challenging content and always the attitude that the customers’ requirements are the top priority.

As an owner-run company, kaledonia has since gained 3 employees and provides project work for a large network of freelancer professionals. The company enjoys a strong reputation among entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Braunschweig area. Our company values – which were born in those early months and years and secured the beginnings of the company – are values which still guide us today.

And our customers continue to profit from our mentality – because if a company wants to work with a partner, they want one who never settles on past successes.