• Business Language to go Express your ideas concisely thanks to in-house language training customised to your requirements

Professional one-to-one training

For international calls with customers or for E-mail contact with suppliers and dealers worldwide, proficiency in a foreign language is already an important prerequisite.

Cooperation on specific projects also often requires a high level of language competence. Being able to confidently present products or processes to international partners during video conferences or meetings is just one example. 

We will prepare you thoroughly for the different scenarios so that you are able to address the challenge of speaking in front of an international audience in a relaxed manner and with the necessary degree of calmness.

Procedure for one-to-one language training

Our individual language training sessions are generally one-to-one lessons, which enables them to be tailored precisely to the language skills of the student. This makes it possible, for example, to customise the lessons to meet the demands of the desired projects and to configure them in accordance with the needs and wishes of the student.

Advantages of one-to-one language training

The one-to-one trainings are intended to optimally prepare the participants for their very individual tasks.  The advantages speak for themselves:

  • faster learning progress
  • specific focus on desired project
  • individual tailoring to personal requirements
  • goal-oriented learning

Due to the unique individuality of our one-to-one training, we recommend personal contact in order to be able to discuss your expectations in detail. 

We look forward to hearing from you!