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Professional one-to-one training

Use business English or other languages at work

Mastering a foreign language is very important for international phone calls with customers or for email communication with suppliers and retailers around the world. In many larger companies, business and trade are conducted on an international stage, which means that it is essential to master business English or another foreign language. In one-to-one English training, with the support of our experienced trainers you will learn new skills tailored to your own field of work. You will learn to communicate effectively in any situation, expand your vocabulary and step-by-step increase your confidence when speaking.


Targeted preparation of your own projects with one-to-one English training

Collaborating on specific projects often requires a high level of language skills, for example if you are expected to speak in video conferences or meetings with international partners in order to present new products or processes. With the help of our one-to-one English training, you can represent yourself and your company with confidence and master English as a foreign language.

In a relaxed atmosphere we will prepare you thoroughly for a variety of scenarios so that you can approach the challenge of speaking before an international audience with the required level of calm.

Our English trainers use interactive language training to help you achieve a level of skill which you can immediately put to use in your job. The content of the one-to-one English training is selected to perfectly suit the real-life situations you encounter at work.


How our one-to-one English training works

Our language training takes place in one-to-one sessions so that we can tailor it precisely to the language abilities of the learner. This enables our language trainers to adapt the lessons as needed to specific projects or the language skills required, such as business English for example. In other words, individual one-to-one training is designed to meet the personal requirements and wishes of the learner.


Advantages of one-to-one English training

The aim of our language training is to enable you to carry out your own specific duties within your company as well as possible. Target-orientated assignments will allow you to use the skills that you have acquired with us in your professional life, straightaway. Interactive language training at kaledonia will help you make rapid progress tailored to your own personal needs.


Overview of advantages:

  • » Real-world content
  • » Interactive language training
  • » Tailored one-to-one training
  • » Improved career opportunities

We recommend that you contact us personally to discuss your ideas and objectives in detail. You can then take full advantage of the highly individual nature of our one-to-one training.


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