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In many areas, it is now necessary to provide texts in different languages. Utilise our translation service for your translations in the highest quality. Our professional translators have been providing economy, industry and research with high-quality translations since 2002.

Our range of translation services

We have a comprehensive network of professional translators at our disposal. We specialise in translations in the language combinations German-English and English-German. We would, however, be very happy to provide translations in other language combinations upon request. Simply give us a call or send us an E-mail!

With us, the customer is the expert. Our translators will therefore work closely with you on the content of your texts in order to obtain the very best results.

Translations in a natural linguistic style

All our translators have extensive linguistic and professional expertise. They each translate into their native language, which ensures that the reader will not even notice that a text is a translation. Our professionals translate your text as though it had already been written in the foreign language - in a flowing and natural style.

We work in accordance with DIN 15038, the “four eyes principle”. This means that your text will be translated by one of our experts and additionally checked regarding content. The text is then subsequently proofread by a second translator.